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Benefit #1: Personalise QR Codes in minutes
Benefit #2: Tracking with UTM Parameters
Benefit #3: Pixel Tracking for In-Depth Analytics
Benefit #4: Brand Customization for Recognition
Benefit #5: Elevate Engagement with Custom Designs

Learn more about our intuitive QR Code software today:

Point to any webpage and track openings with detailed reporting options.
Guide users to the Google Play Store or Apple Store to download your app.
Want to promote your social media channels? We have a QR Code for that.
Offer a personalized online business card with our QR Code Profile Card.
How about some more information about your business? Use the Business Page QR Code.
Increase sales and give your customers a coupon using our QR Code feature for coupons.
Not just share a PDF document. Share it with a QR Code and a matching mini landing page.
We are sure you saw it before: Multiple links like a Bio page? Yes we have it too.
Promote any event with our QR Code generator and use features like start and end date.
Want to share your podcast or an audio file? Use the MP3 feature in our app for that.
Last but not least! Especially for restaurants: Share your menu using our QR Code app.

Unlimited QR Codes - Unlimited Scans - Unlimited Reporting and Tracking

QR code interactions increased by an estimated 6,200% between 2017 and 2021.

2024? QR Codes are still unstoppable! 

Why should you use QR Codes?

Embrace the power of QR codes:

Transform your operations and connect with your community in more meaningful ways. Here's why incorporating QR codes into your business strategy is a game-changer:


Boost your marketing efforts locally by integrating QR codes into your sales and marketing campaigns. Engage your customers with exclusive deals and captivating content, fostering a stronger connection with your brand.


If you're in retail, enhance the shopping experience by placing QR codes on product labels. Enable customers to access detailed product information, reviews, and ratings effortlessly. If not in retail, offer access to coupons. 

Social Media

Link QR codes directly to your social media profiles to enhance your online presence. Encourage customers to follow and engage with your business on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or X (formally know as Twitter)


Whether it's a community gathering or a special event at your business, use an individual QR code on promotional materials to provide quick access to event details, schedules, and ticket purchases.


Make dining at your establishment hassle-free by introducing QR codes for digital menus. This not only simplifies the ordering process but also aligns with the preferences of modern diners.


Offer a seamless and secure payment experience with QR codes, providing your customers a convenient and contactless transaction option. People became accustomed to it during Covid and continue to appreciate it today.


Do you offer free WiFi at your location?

Improve the overall customer experience by providing easy Wi-Fi access through QR codes. Simplify the login process for patrons at your local establishment.


If your business relies on appointments, streamline the scheduling process with QR codes. Customers can scan and access your online booking systems without any hassle. Simplify things for them, and it will also be straightforward for you.

Static and Dynamic QR Codes

25 Different Use Cases in one App

Limitless Creativity Unleashed:
Explore Countless Ways to Personalize Your QR Code!

Detailed Analytics

Gain extensive insights into the performance of your QR codes, even without using UTM parameters or pixels.

View the past 30 days, your entire history, or a custom timeframe.
Detailed UTM report: Campaign, Medium, Content, Source and Term - all available
List of countries people come from
List of cities people come from
List of browsers used
Languages used
Scans by time of day
Operating system used

Supercharge your QR Code Experience

Unlock the full potential of your QR codes!
Customize, track, and optimize your marketing endeavors to reach new heights.

Custom Landing Pages

Embarking on your design journey is a breeze with our ready-to-use mini landing pages.

Many QR Code Types

Ready to kick off instantly with our pre-designed QR code styles, and customize them according to your preferences.

Organize your QR Codes

Arrange your limitless QR codes effortlessly using our practical folder system.

Unlimited Scans

The QR codes generated will remain valid indefinitely, with unlimited scan capabilities.

Password Protected

Enhance the security and control of your QR codes with an additional layer of protection.

Pixel & UTM

Monitor user behavior and refine your campaigns by utilizing Pixels and UTM parameters for optimization.

PLUS: Unlimited use of your own domains!


Upgrade your QR Codes today

Best QR Builder on the Market

While numerous QR code builders are available, some even free, it's rare to find an offer as comprehensive as ours. Our app empowers you to generate an unlimited number of QR codes, providing extensive customization options, along with the ability to incorporate pixels and UTM parameters for analysis.

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Unlimited QR Codes
Static and dynamic codes
Download as PNG & SVG
Unlimited Scans
Ready to use mini landing pages
Unlimited Reporting
Unlimited Pixel / UTM
Custom link alias
Unlimited custom domains
$99 service charge
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Lifetime Plan

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Unlimited QR Codes
Static and dynamic codes
Download as PNG & SVG
Unlimited Scans
Ready to use mini landing pages
Unlimited Reporting
Unlimited Pixel / UTM
Custom link alias
Unlimited custom domains
Never pay for this service again - Lifetime deal

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Google Business Profile Statistics

91% of people read Google Business Profile reviews prior to contacting a local business.
51% of GBP profiles receive more than 1,000 views per month.
45% of businesses receive appointment requests through Google Business Profile.
91% of local businesses' weekday calls can be attributed to their Google Business Profile page.
87% of users perform a daily Google search for local businesses
65% of Google users will leave a Google Business Profile review if they have a positive experience.
Google Business Profile views and metrics contribute to 75% of a local business's monthly exposure online
"Near Me" Google Maps searches have increased 900% in the past 24 months.


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