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Benefit #1: We built and integrate the bot for you
Benefit #2: No need to learn a new skill
Benefit #3: No extra software to buy or maintain
Benefit #4: Capture leads directly on your homepage
Benefit #5: 380% better results than a pop-up banner

This is more than just a "chat" bot

Your website visitors, potential clients, and existing customers anticipate real-time connection through live chat on your website. However, facilitating one-on-one conversations efficiently can pose a challenge for many businesses.

Our bot assists in lead generation, appointment scheduling, addressing common customer inquiries, and more. With our bot, you can direct prospects to the right place on your homepage and provide targeted responses.

Collecting leads intelligently is the primary function.

The bot can be created in any language. When used for lead generation purposes, it can be integrated with any common CRM or email marketing program. The acceptance rate for entering one's name and email into such a bot is around 4 times higher than with a pop-up banner. Incorporate links, videos, or images seamlessly in a conversational manner. An unused and closed pop-up banner is lost. The bot remains on the page, preserving the opportunity to engage the customer.

No programming required. We handle it all for you. Say goodbye to DIY.

Let us take the burden off your shoulders - our team of experts will handle all the complex and time-consuming work to program your chat bot seamlessly. From designing personalized conversations to integrating advanced AI technology, we've got you covered every step of the way. Sit back, relax, and watch as your customized chat bot comes to life without any hassle or headache on your end. Focus on what you do best - running your business - while we handle the technical heavy lifting.

It can be utilized for various purposes across all kinds of industries.

Our bots have versatile applications and can serve diverse objectives across all industries. With an affordable pricing model, even small business owners with their own websites can avail of our bot. Besides a one-time setup fee, only a nominal monthly charge is required, with no risks or lengthy contracts. You can cancel on a monthly basis at any time. Installing the bot is as simple as a single click, making it accessible for everyone. Additionally, we offer optional assistance services for those who may require further support.

380% more likely to interact with
a chat bot than with a pop-up banner.

Pop-up banners are unpopular, while chat bots are universally favored.

See some examples on our "Wall of love" here:

Why should you use Our Bot?

Embrace the power of Our Lead Generating Bot:

Transform your operations and connect with your customers in more meaningful ways. Here's why incorporating our bot into your homepage is a game-changer:


The relaxed approach of engaging customers through automated chat simplifies customer acquisition, as website visitors are more inclined to interact with a bot than with a human. Interacting with humans carries a higher barrier.


Incorporate promo codes for different offers into the bot. Continuously introduce fresh promotions and incentivize customers to share their email address or phone number in exchange for the promo code.


Frequently, website visitors are unsure where to locate all the necessary information. Promptly inquire about their search preferences and guide them to the appropriate page, thus reducing bounce rates. Google loves low bouncing rates.


Obtaining the phone number or email address of website visitors is growing more challenging. Pop-up banners are no longer very effective. However, with a bot engaging in natural conversation, the process becomes simpler.


Our chatbot software can automatically transfer any information to a Google Sheet accessible to you, at no extra cost. For more complex applications, we can easily integrate with Zapier or API connections. Just let us know, what you like to connect.


Do you want to understand your customers' feedback on your service? We can program your bot specifically for this purpose or integrate this function with other goals. Incentivize reviews with a coupon, and you'll have leads and reputation all within one bot.


Certain products and services are more complex and require additional explanation. In such cases, our bot can help address initial customer queries. Our AI model can generate autonomous responses using information  provided by the company.


At the outset, customers are often hesitant to engage in a conversation with a salesperson. Our bot can address initial inquiries, fostering trust incrementally. Subsequently, a link to the calendar can be seamlessly integrated within the bot.

Supercharge your Lead Bot Experience

Unlock the full potential of Our Bot!

Works on any webpage

WordPress, Wix, Builderall, and even shopping pages like shopify or course pages like Kajabi.

Works on mobile, PC and tablets

The bot will not only look great on any page, but also on any device since it is 100% responsive.

Works with any API connection

We have a direct connection with Zapier® (6.000 apps). For all other needs we can use APIs.

Unlimited Leads

We don't limit you on the number of leads you can collect with your bot. It's all included.

Your brand identity

The bot can have your logo, your name and your brand colors to match your corporate identity.


Big business success at small-town prices. Get started for as little as $195 and $47/month, making it accessible for every business.


Upgrade your homepage today

Ready to go.

We have created a variety of different bots for various applications. These are ready to use immediately and will be customized according to your needs. This allows us to deliver quickly and individually.

Let's get started.

It begins with a brief video call to gather more information about your company and what you aim to achieve. From there, we commence and only conclude once you're completely satisfied.

Monthly Plan

Just a small set-up fee and a monthly retainer to use the bot.

per month plus $195 one-time

We create the bot
Your colors and logo
Google sheet connection
Email notification*
AI Info-Bot feature
One click integration
Unlimited leads

Lifetime Plan

Pay once and use the bot forever. No monthly fees.

one time investment

We create the bot
Your colors and logo
Google sheet connection
Email notification*
AI Info-Bot feature
One click integration
Unlimited leads

* Limited time offer: Save $10 per month forever, signing up today!

* Email notification will be sent to a Google Mail address of your choice. For other options, a Zapier integration is available for a one-time fee of $75 with your own account. Depending on the usage of the Zapier account (for which we will need access from you), additional costs may arise.

Ready To Go Bots

These bots can be used right away - Customized to Your needs.

Promo bot
Offer a discount code. Can be displayed right away or after providing name, email and/or phone number.
Ai based information bot
Give us up to 20,000 characters, and we'll craft an AI-based info bot generating independent responses. Contact information can be shown or requested upfront, prior to the AI bot block.
Appointment bot
A bot offering up to two pre-selections to choose from, along with a link to the online calendar. Contact data collection should occur on the calendar page.
Lead bot
A bot offering a lead magnet with collecting an email address or phone number (for SMS) in return.
Guide bot
Welcoming and directing visitors to up to five distinct sections of your homepage. Each selection follows a short explanation and a link or direct routing to the page.
Reputation bot
A bot capable of asking if all information has been found or inquiring about the perception of the company. Up to three pre-selections can be made, and responses can be provided with either preset answers or free-text input.

Let us answer some questions:

How customizable is the chat bot?

The chat bot can be visually customized by assigning it the desired name. It can also be given an image or logo, which will appear as an icon at the bottom and within the chatbot interface. You can choose the color that matches your company's brand, and we can imbue the chatbot with a personality by instructing it to use its name in conversation or adopt a specific tone in its responses (such as "Ahoy, ye pirates..."). From a technical standpoint, the bot can be integrated with all major programs through APIs, Zapier, and Google Sheets.

Can the chat bot handle complex customer inquiries or is it primarily for basic interactions?

Depending on one's definition of complexity, the bot is capable of performing a diverse range of tasks. These tasks can include simple information dissemination using selection fields and predefined text, as well as handling free-text input and providing responses through AI. Additionally, the bot can incorporate videos, graphics, images, and links. It can also automatically redirect users to external pages or gather prospect data and integrate it with other programs. The range of possibilities is extensive. Should you have any specific inquiries, we are available to assist.

What integration options are available to connect the chat bot with our existing systems or platforms?

Essentially, with our Zapier integration, we can link up to thousands of programs. Presently, we support over 7,000 programs. It's challenging to envision a scenario where we can't find an integration to meet your needs. For unique tasks, we offer API integration, webhooks, and a connection to Make.com or Zapier for an extra charge. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for further details.

What integration to collect lead data is included?

All prospect data is transmitted in real-time to a Google Sheet and, if desired, additionally sent to a Google email address via email. Access to the Google Sheet is granted through a unique link known only to the entrepreneur and us. There are no charges for utilizing or setting up this service.

We already have a customer service team. Do I need a bot?

It's fantastic to know that you have a dedicated team! Our chatbots aren't meant to replace your team, but rather to enhance their capabilities. By managing routine inquiries and frequently asked questions, our chatbots can liberate your staff's time, enabling them to concentrate on more intricate matters and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, our bots are accessible 24/7, ensuring your business remains responsive at all times.

I'm not sure it's worth the investment.

I understand your concern about costs. However, at just $47 per month, our chatbots are an affordable way to enhance your customer service. Given the efficiency gains and the potential to capture and pre-qualify leads round the clock, many businesses find that the bots pay for themselves by increasing conversions and saving staff time.

Our customers prefer human interaction. Why should I invest in a bot?

We wholeheartedly acknowledge that human interaction is invaluable for adding a personal touch. Our chatbots are crafted to complement, rather than replace, human interaction. They excel at managing simple inquiries and collecting information. Consequently, when your customer engages with a human, the conversation can be more profound and tailored to their individual requirements, thereby enriching the overall customer experience.

Implementing new technology sounds complicated.

We take pride in the straightforwardness and seamless integration of our chatbots. You don't require any technical know-how to begin, and we offer comprehensive support throughout the setup procedure. Our team will collaborate closely with you to customize the chatbot according to your business requirements, ensuring it can begin delivering value right from the start.

How can I trust a bot to represent my brand correctly?

Our hybrid AI chatbots are equipped with a profound comprehension of your business and brand identity. While AI handles general inquiries, the fundamental information and responses are meticulously tailored to your specifications. This guarantees consistency and precision in how your brand is portrayed. Additionally, we consistently monitor and refine the bot's responses as necessary to maintain accuracy and alignment with your brand ethos.

What if it doesn't work out for us?

The initial question we must address is: what constitutes success in this scenario? The effectiveness of a bot relies on two factors: firstly, its technical functionality, and secondly, the objective it aims to accomplish. Typically, this involves gathering prospect data. While we can oversee and assure the technical aspect, ensuring functionality, any issues in this regard are easily rectified with a corresponding refund. However, the collection of prospect data necessitates sufficient website traffic, which is beyond our control. Nevertheless, our service is within our influence. We are accessible to all customers every day. Therefore, if any issues arise, a prompt email to us will suffice.

How about changes? What if I need to change the bot?

We guarantee uninterrupted functionality of the bot at all times. Whether you're on the monthly plan or have purchased the lifetime deal, you can trust that the bot will operate smoothly, or we'll promptly resolve any issues. Should you require changes beyond the bot's core functionality—such as updating promo codes, adjusting business hours, or modifying any other information provided by the bot—we offer hourly support at a rate of $75. We bill at $25 for every 20 minutes commenced, providing a detailed estimate before commencing any work to avoid surprises. Historically, over 90% of minor changes have been completed within the range of $50 to $75, offering you a rough estimate of potential costs.

I've changed my homepage. Can I transfer the bot?

Certainly, you can. We'll supply the script to you at no cost. Your webmaster should be familiar with how to integrate it. If not, we can handle the implementation for a fixed fee of $75.

Is the bot GDPR compliant?

The bot runs via JavaScript on your homepage and sends data to servers in the UK (to our technical service partner who stores, processes, and forwards the data) and to our Google Drive to provide the Google Sheet. Upon request, this can also be created on a table in your Google Drive (you would then have to create a table and grant us editing access or grant us access via "Get Screen Me" and we'll take care of it). The extra time required will be charged based on effort, typically around $50. Your task as a user is to provide this information to your website visitors and, if necessary, set up your consent cookie banner accordingly. You must decide whether you consider this essential (without consent) or as a marketing tool. To successfully display the bot, the page must be reloaded after consent (automatic reloading is offered by all common consent banners). Give the visitor the option to consent, and if the visitor does not allow the execution of scripts by third parties, so that no external scripts are loaded, the bot will not be displayed. Please note: Correct information disclosure and implementation are your responsibility as a business owner. BE MY GUEST MARKETING LLC accepts no liability for GDPR violations on your site, does not provide legal advice, and does not make recommendations for implementation.

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Google Business Profile Statistics

91% of people read Google Business Profile reviews prior to contacting a local business.
51% of GBP profiles receive more than 1,000 views per month.
45% of businesses receive appointment requests through Google Business Profile.
91% of local businesses' weekday calls can be attributed to their Google Business Profile page.
87% of users perform a daily Google search for local businesses
65% of Google users will leave a Google Business Profile review if they have a positive experience.
Google Business Profile views and metrics contribute to 75% of a local business's monthly exposure online
"Near Me" Google Maps searches have increased 900% in the past 24 months.

Fair use policy - Zapier connection and tasks

At BE MY GUEST MARKETING LLC, we strive to provide our customers with a seamless experience while utilizing our Premium Plan, which include access to Zapier integration and Chatbot tasks. To ensure fair and equitable usage for all our users, we have implemented a Fair Use Policy.

Under this policy, Zapier integration and Chatbot tasks are included in the price of our Premium Plan, as long as usage remains within reasonable limits. Fair use is considered when a bot does not exceed the limit of 500 tasks per month for no more than three consecutive months.

Should this limit be exceeded, we reserve the right to charge for actual usage beyond the fair use threshold. We will invoice at a rate of $30 per month for every additional 500 tasks used in excess of the fair use limit for each month surpassed. Prior to invoicing, we will provide a notification after surpassing the limit for two consecutive months, allowing users the opportunity to take appropriate actions.

We believe this Fair Use Policy ensures fair access to our premium features while maintaining the quality of service for all our users. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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