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Marketing Funnel Building: Turning leads into paying customers.
PUSH Marketing: Finding leads and delivering your message directly.
PULL Marketing: Generate content so customers to discover you.
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We specialize in core elements that help entrepreneurs use a system that consistently and cost-effectively discovers new prospects and transforms them from prospects into paying customers. Furthermore, we provide entrepreneurs with our academy – a dynamic platform where we can swap ideas, almost like a digital trading floor for fresh insights, all conveniently and affordably.

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What is a Marketing Funnel? A marketing funnel, also known as a sales funnel, is a marketing concept that describes the process potential customers go through before these leads becoming paying customers. It consists of stages such as awareness, interest, consideration, intent, purchase, and post-purchase, representing the customer journey. The funnel helps visualize and optimize the sales and marketing process, with the goal of increasing conversion rates and generating more revenue.

A complete marketing funnel with all its components can quickly cost tens of thousands of dollars. Small businesses, in particular, may not afford such a budget. Nevertheless, there are ways to achieve good results with a smaller investment, especially when focusing on a straightforward and streamlined approach.

This is the core of every funnel:

Landing- / Opt-in Page to collect email addresses
Lead Magnet to give leads a reason to opt-in
Email Marketing sequence of welcoming and nurturing the new lead
Thank you page with initial low cost offer to cover advertising cost
Marketing Budget to fill the top of the funnel with fresh leads

The 3 "C's" of our Marketing Funnel Services


We need to understand you, your business, your current marketing strategy, your customers, their value and your budget in order to help you. All starts here with a first consultation.


We create the technical stuff for you. Programming of the pages, connecting the page with the email marketing software, write the emails and even create the best lead magnet for you. All in one!


Generating the funnel is only the initial step. To ensure its effectiveness, we must continually drive leads from various sources into the funnel. We provide ongoing assistance in achieving this.

The Required Investment for a Compact yet High-Impact Marketing Funnel


for the creation

First time consultation 1-2 h
Registering of a new .com Domain just for the funnel
Creating a lead magnet (e.g. PDF guide or small ebook)
Opt-in Landing Page
Thank you page and first low cost offer
Connecting the funnel to our agency email software
Creation of the first three emails after registration


Monthly investment
to keep it running

Landing page software license
Email marketing software license for up to 5000 contacts
Annual domain fee
Hosting fee with unlimited traffic
Regular updates and back-up of your funnel
Monthly customer call via phone or video chat

No money, no honey!


Somehow, we still need to get prospects into the funnel's top. Unfortunately, there's no one-size-fits-all answer as every customer and industry has different sources for leads and prospects. Some find prospects on LinkedIn, others on Instagram, some through high-quality content that needs to be launched via PR agencies, while others take the classic route with business cards and flyers. However, one thing should be clear: without a monthly budget or alternative activities, there won't be any success. A funnel with nothing coming in at the top won't yield results at the bottom, no matter how brilliant the funnel may be. A minimum budget of $10 per day (for ongoing campaigns) or a one-time investment of $500 for a launch campaign should be considered."

Ready for the next scary step?

If you like to learn more about our services, feel free to contact us. Provide us with your contact details and we will reach out to you shortly.



What is Push Marketing? Push marketing refers to a company's efforts to actively "push" its products or services to customers. This is typically done by broadcasting the message about its offerings to a broad audience without prior demand from the customers. Typical push marketing methods include advertising, direct sales activities, telemarketing, email marketing, and placing products on store shelves without prior consumer demand. Push marketing aims to create awareness of a product or service and encourage consumers to purchase it, even if they hadn't sought it out previously. We go one step further, we create leads.

Lead Generation Software

At only $99 per month, our software enables you to discover fresh leads for your business. 10 products in one software suite. Never pay for leads again. Find leads from daily registered domains, via your own chatbot, thru your own online review management or extract data from social media channels. Enjoy a complimentary 7-day trial, no credit card required.
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Lead Generation Service

Don't want to search for email addresses of potential prospects yourself and use our software for it? No problem. With our Lead Generation Service, we take care of that for you. Tailored to your needs, we find valid and current email addresses of your potential customers. You provide us with the necessary specifications, and we take care of the rest. For more information, reach out to us.
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Email Marketing Service

You can search, purchase, or collect emails, but what comes next? With our Email Marketing Service, we offer to write and send emails – using our software. Whether it's a one-time campaign, an automated email series, or a drip campaign triggered when the customer responds to emails. That's where we come in, from concept to execution.
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Advertising Service

We see ourselves as an agency specializing in lead generation. Therefore, paid advertising isn't solely about gaining attention or making immediate sales for you. Both approaches aren't effective enough. Our advertising aims to direct people to landing pages, with the goal of converting them into buyers through email messages. We're here to assist in this aspect.
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What is PuLL Marketing? Pull marketing focuses on attracting customers by addressing their needs and interests, waiting for them to actively search for the company's products or services. Typical pull marketing methods include content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, influencer marketing, and providing valuable content and information that appeals to the target audience. Pull marketing aims to build a close relationship with potential customers by offering them valuable information and solutions, prompting them to actively seek out the company and engage with it.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a marketing approach that involves creating and sharing valuable, informative, and relevant content with the goal of engaging and retaining customers. This content can take various forms, such as blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, and eBooks. The key objectives of Content Marketing include building trust with the audience, establishing authority in the industry, improving search engine visibility, generating leads, and ultimately fostering long-term customer relationships.
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Social Media Posting Service

Managing content posting demands time and attention, which you'd prefer to invest in your business. Even if you wish to employ external software for posting, it necessitates knowledge and experience in handling the software. We offer to publish content you've acquired from our store across up to 9 different social channels. This offers a cost-effective means to maintain communication and remain on the radar of your potential clients through various social media platforms. If you require customized content, we can provide that for an additional fee.
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SEO: Link Building and Citations

"Link Building" in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the strategic practice of acquiring backlinks or inbound links from other websites to your own website. This process aims to increase the authority, credibility, and visibility of your website in search engines like Google. Link Building is a crucial component of a successful SEO strategy. The same goal is pursued by "Citation." Here, we aim to achieve this form of link building through listing in various directories.
More information: Link Building or Citation

Local SEO: Google Business Profile Service

The Google Business Profile service from Google is a powerful tool for local businesses to boost local search visibility, enhance customer engagement, and build trust with potential clients. It offers a cost-effective way to showcase your business online and leverage the benefits of local online searches. With the new "near me" feature, which has seen a growth of 900% in the past 18 months, the Google Business Profile has gained even more significance
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More opportunities 

As your learning expands, so does your earning potential. Acquire fresh skills and harness that knowledge to unlock a multitude of opportunities!

Video courses

We have an extensive selection of 50+ video courses covering a diverse range of topics, such as personal growth, health and wellness, sales, and marketing

Online library

Our online library comprises of more than 100 ebooks, reports, and articles, providing you with an in-depth understanding of the subjects covered in our courses

Live events

Each month, we host a minimum of one live event at our academy, providing valuable insights into our newly added and upcoming courses.



Some of our clients are right at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey and may not yet have a clear idea of where or how to start. If you find yourself at this point, consider joining our challenge and discover how you can build a profitable online business in just 15 days.

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Proven Success

This program has been completed by several thousand people already. The trainer is one of the global leaders in his field and has achieved a revenue of several million dollars himself.

Live Support

All participants have access to a free support call for a great start in your new entrepreneurial life.

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Content Marketing

We offer the creation of SEO-optimized blog posts in journalist quality. All articles are researched and written by absolute professionals from the USA and/or the UK, with no use of cheap AI software or low-wage labor from the Far East. Each piece undergoes the typical journalism four-eye principle and is tailored to your needs by SEO specialists. We charge $45 per order for processing and $0.15 per word. We understand that we are in the premium segment. It is worthwhile to order multiple blog articles at once, as the order fee is incurred only once. A maximum of 4,000 words per article is available. All articles are delivered as Google Docs with royalty-free images and meta descriptions. Delivery time depends on the quantity of ordered articles and research effort, ranging from 2 to 7 days. One revision per article is included at no extra cost.

Feel free to contact us for further information.


Link Building Service

Blogger Outreach Services, often referred to as influencer marketing or guest posting, aim to acquire links and mentions for your website from other reputable bloggers in your industry. This widely used link-building strategy involves reaching out to blog owners and proposing the creation of valuable content that resonates with their target audience while also aligning with your business, product, or service. Within this content, a non-promotional backlink to your website is seamlessly integrated.

Our dedicated outreach team is responsible for securing all mentions as editorial links within the context of unbiased, non-promotional blog post placements. Search engines recognize these mentions and links as indicators of authority, contributing to improved search result rankings for your website.

The prices for a 500-word blog post with a link to your website depend on the quality of the page. In the SEO context, this quality is expressed through the MOZ DA (Domain Authority) and Ahrefs DR (Domain Rating) metrics. The higher the value, the more valuable the page is from an SEO perspective. For example, we offer a blog post with a link on a page with MOZ DA10 and Ahrefs DR10 for $195, while a blog post with a link on a page with MOZ DA50 and Ahrefs DR30 is priced at $595 (same article, same link, different page). Currently, we have a special offer for a 500 word blog post with a link on a MOZ DA30 page with an average Ahrefs DR20 for $225 (regularly $295).

If you like to learn more about this, feel free to reach out to us.


Advertising Service

To ensure that your funnel is consistently filled with new prospects, we can effectively utilize paid advertising to achieve immediate results. Paid advertising always involves a certain degree of audience scatter and is generally more costly, thus being less cost-effective compared to other forms of advertising. Nevertheless, this approach allows us to send promising and immediate prospects to the landing page and observe how potential leads respond to the offer.

We offer various forms of advertising that have proven successful for us. The costs are typically as follows:

Push Notification Ads:
Highly effektiv form of advertising. Minimum ad spent is $500 per campaign.

Cost per click is based on location:
US Market: 25 Cents per click.
EU Market: 15 Cents per click.
Other international markets: 7-10 Cents per click

You will see more traffic but a lower conversion to your lead magnet. Best used to test the lead magnet, the funnel and your initial offer.

Newsletter Ads:
English speaking markets (80% from US, CA, AUS, NZ, UK) will read the newsletter we work with. We place editorial ads inside the newsletter and you only pay if someone clicks on the link. Minimum ad spent is 500 clicks per campaign. Most suitable for campaigns in situations where platforms like Facebook and others would suspend your advertising account due to their ad policies (e.g., restrictions on gambling, cryptocurrency, health-related content, etc.).

Cost per click is based on industry:

- Make money online / Business Opportunities: 95 Cents per click
- Health / Diet: $1.75 per click
- Personal development: $1.55 per click
- Crypto / Bitcoin / Forex: $1.25 per click

You will see a better conversion rate compared to Push Notification ads. Not suitable for testing campaigns due to the high click rate. This should be used after campaigns are tested and optimized.

If you like more information, feel free to contact us.


Email Marketing Service

By creating a funnel with us, you are already connected to our email software and don't need to invest in expensive software of your own. This service is an extension offered after sending the initial three emails included in our package, in case you prefer not to write new emails yourself.

We charge $225 for the creation of a concept, which includes 1-2 hours of consultation (2 meetings), a feedback loop, and submission of proposals. The actual creation of the emails depends on the complexity of the content (e.g., newsletters with many products and graphics or text-based messages). Expect a range of $75 to $125 per email. We set up the campaign in our software as discussed with you and deliver it to your recipients.

Prices per email decrease when we create a complete series of emails that build upon each other. This is because the email concept is developed only once, and only the content varies. Therefore, series emails become 35-50% cheaper starting from the second email. Please feel free to reach out to us for further details on this.