Manual Citation Service

Boost your SEO with our 100% manual citation service!

We support  the directories of USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Benefit #1: Rank higher within local search results
Benefit #2: Improve Omni-Channel Trust Building
Benefit #3: Improve local online visibility
Benefit #4: Prevention of the risk of being mentioned "somewhere" through cheap automatic citation software

How Citation Building Works


100% Manual Submissions

Once we have received your order, our production team will review your business details and start the submission process. We’ll aim to complete most submissions to business directories in the target country specified within your order.


No Duplicate Citations

Our production team will check for existing citations to avoid duplication. If your old listing is inaccurate we’ll create a new one based on the new information you have submitted to us for greater NAP accuracy.


Full Submission Report

You’ll get to see every single citation we have created by viewing your submission report. Your custom report will include live listings and screenshots of submissions.


Live and Accepted

Upon completion, you can expect around 25% of the local directory submissions to result in instant live listings. Different business directories will have different rules regarding acceptance and you may be subject to a longer review process which may also include the directory verifying business details with you, the owner directly.

"62% of consumers would avoid using a business if they found incorrect information online."

Local Business Discovery & Trust Report 2023

Why should you use a citation service?

Business listings, often referred to as business citations in the realm of local SEO, encompass a business's online information, typically including, at a minimum, their name, address, and phone number (NAP). These listings can take a 'structured' form, as seen on directories such as Yell or BBB, or an 'unstructured' form, which might be found in local news publications or blogs. 

The absence of your business in listings and reputable online platforms can lead to fewer search results, resulting in decreased traffic to both your homepage and physical store. Moreover, encountering incorrect or incomplete information erodes customer trust in your company.

Get found better

The percentage of consumers using business information sites to discover new local businesses is 61% in 2023.

The percentage of consumers using business information sites to find businesses they are aware of, but have never used, is 56% in 2023.

The percentage of consumers using business information sites to find information about known businesses is 41% in 2023.

Increase trust

Incorrect or partial information online will massively hurt your trustworthiness.

51% of consumers encountered a fake business listing in the last 12 months. This is a huge deal.

Only 36% of online searchers are willing to call a business, if not all information can be verified online.

And only 2% will email your business in such case.

Get found more often

40% of consumers search for business opening hours several times a month.

36% of consumers are clicking through to websites from URLs found on business information sites several times a month.

39% of consumers are searching for business information, such as whether a business is child or dog-friendly, every month.


No high investment needed !!

Our Citation Service starts at $7 per submission and decreases to $3 if you choose to be listed on all 300 business pages and directories in our access.

100% Manually

All our processes are carried out 100% manually for precision and accuracy. No nasty surprises from being listed on gambling or porn sites due to submission software.

Submission Report

View all your citations in your dashboard submission report, featuring live listings and submission screenshots in an individual report.

Trusted Directories

All directories are indexed in search engines at the time of submission.

Local Citation

We only charge per submission
starting as low as


25 Citations @ $7 = $175
50 Citations @ $6 = $300
100 Citations @ $5 = $500
200 Citations @ $4 = $800
300 Citations @ $3 = $900

No Duplication

Our team checks for existing citations to avoid duplication. If your old listing is inaccurate, we'll create a new one based on your updates for better NAP accuracy.


We provide login information for each submission, allowing you to make future changes, as we do not offer citation management, just citation submission.

NAP Consistency

We include all NAP (name, address, phone number) information to help with local SEO.

Please allow 7 days for up to 100 citations, 10 days for 200 citations and 14 days for 300 citations, since we submit them all manually.

Questions? Check out our FAQs!

What is Citation Building?

Local citations involve consistent mentions of your business information across internet directories and properties. Search engines, like Google, consider these mentions as trust signals, boosting your ranking in local search results.

Our Citation Building service ensures accurate and consistent business information by manually submitting it to trusted local directories. This service is especially advantageous for local businesses seeking to enhance their local SEO and visibility with a physical location.

How does citation building help with local SEO?

Building local citations is essential for local rankings as it ensures consistent business data across the internet. Accurate information dispersed across numerous business directories and local listings increases the likelihood of users finding your business in local searches.

How important is NAP data for SEO?

Lacking authenticity in your website may lead to lower prioritization in search engine results. Maintaining consistent NAP data (name, address, and phone number) enhances legitimacy and boosts online visibility for local searches.

What information do I need to provide?

For this service, we require all of your basic business information such as your business Name, Address and Phone Number. We also need your website URL and a short description summarising your business. You must provide this information so that we can ensure that your NAP data is consistent and accurate. We have all we need, if you have booked our "All-in-One" Google Business Profile package.

Will all citations include NAP information?

Yes, when placing your order you’ll be requested to complete all the fields we require for constant NAP information and we’ll submit it exactly as you order.

What if my business is already listed in a directory?

Our production team guarantees no duplication of citation listings. Before submission, we thoroughly check your business details across directories. If your business is already listed in some of the 300 approved directories, our local citation service includes a partial refund for amounts exceeding 10% of the submitted directories.

Will I be able to see all of my listings once complete?

Certainly. Our citation building team captures screenshots of each local directory submission in the final stage, providing you peace of mind regarding the completion of your citation. Access this report conveniently within your client dashboard.

How many submissions will result in live placements?

After completion, approximately 25% of local directory submissions may lead to immediate live listings. The acceptance process varies among directories, and some may require a more extended review, including verification via phone, email, or letter. While we can't guarantee all submissions will result in live placements due to these variables, we offer a comprehensive submission report with screenshots, even for submissions without immediate placement. It's important to note that we are compensated solely for the submission process.

What if I need to make changes to a listing, do you offer citation management?

Currently, no. We provide all the login information we used to create your listing account in your report. You can then access and make any changes you need to.

Which countries do you offer citation building in?

We can build citations in up to 50 countries around the world (some countries with limited amount of pages to work with).

Do the directories require approval?

Some directories will probably want to verify your listing by calling your business number or emailing your email account at a later date. These submissions are usually the ones that are not instantly approved. For agencies, it’s advisable to let your clients know this so if they do receive a call, it’s usually simply just to verify the business exists and the information is correct about them.

How many directories will allow website links?

Not all citations allow website links (less than 40%) and the ones that do may be "nofollow". The value of this service is ensuring a consistent NAP mention of your business as search engines may use this to verify the location of a business.

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