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Benefit #1: Get more customer traffic in the door
Benefit #2: Get a better chance of  higher Google listing
Benefit #3: Get better online ranking and reviews
Benefit #4: Improve your social media presence

What is is a project of the online marketing company BE MY GUEST MARKETING LLC from Sheridan, Wyoming, USA. We develop regional tourism projects by offering images, texts, videos, and virtual 360° tours to internet visitors from around the world, showcasing the most beautiful aspects of a city or region through multimedia.

100+ places: We aim to always cover all kind of places, stores, offices, B&Bs, hotels, dealerships, restaurants, companies of any size and the most important points of interest. A huge benefit for every community.
100% Fair prices: Our competitors charge hundreds, if not thousands, of Euros for virtual tours, depending on their size and complexity. Understandably, small businesses often choose to allocate their funds to other priorities and forego investing in such tours. However, this is where our company steps in. We provide an alternative solution with a fair pricing system that caters to the needs of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, granting them the opportunity to utilize this cutting-edge marketing technique at an affordable cost.

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"Virtual Tours Help Double Interest In Business"
"67% want more businesses to have virtual tours"
"Listings with a virtual tour get 87% more views"

Findings of a Google Statistic to the performance of Virtual Tours

Why do we use 360° virtual tours?

Statistics indicate that virtual tours can significantly increase the amount of time people spend on a website, ranging from 5 to 10 times longer. They also double the level of interest in a business listing. Additionally, Google Map listings with a virtual tour experience a 12% boost in engagement. As we provide multimedia assets like virtual tours to our visitors, they are more likely to stay longer on our webpage. You can also benefit from this extended engagement.

More traffic

The statistics consistently demonstrate that people thoroughly enjoy exploring places and gaining knowledge about what they can expect before visiting in person. The 360° virtual tour will create a sense of familiarity and comfort, making every business feel like home to their customers.

Better ranking

Incorporating a virtual 360° tour of a business listing or integrating it into Google Street View and a business homepage as an embedded tour has been proven to generate increased views, capture more interest, and enhance rankings in Google search results.

Better reviews

By featuring local businesses and their products, businesses can obtain more positive reviews, enabling customers to have clearer and more accurate expectations. Gone are the days of uncertainty about what awaits them at a store, hotel, or facility. 360° tours play a crucial role in aligning expectations and providing a more immersive experience.

More social

Through our 360° virtual tours, we bring local businesses to a wide audience, showcasing them to the masses. We invite you to share our tour of your business on your social media channels or link it to your homepage, experiencing a remarkable surge in views. This mutually beneficial endeavor benefits both your business and our project.

Advanced Revolutionary VR Technology: Now Accessible for Everyone 

VR headsets have been on the market long before Apple announced its new VisionPro. Affordable and high-quality models like the Oculus, now known as the MetaQuest 3 in its latest version, can already be found in living rooms for around €350, gaining popularity among people. Discover here what the future holds for virtual reality headsets and why we have chosen to focus on virtual 360 tours.

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Enjoy our fair rates!

Why pay exorbitant prices for a virtual tour when we provide it to you for a small monthly investment? Unlock the opportunity to showcase your business in 360°.

360° Virtual Tour

We take up to 5 360° panoramic pictures and combine them to a full virtual tour

Multi Media Info Points

You get up to 5 Multi Media Info Points, which can link to PDFs, pictures, videos or external sites

Contact icons

Icon with link to your phone number, email or WhatsApp
(2 icons per tour possible)

Share your 360° tour

We provide you with a link to your tour, a QR Code to display and an  HTML embed code

Change Multi-Media points

Things change. We know that. So Info points can be changed every month if needed.

VR Headset ready

Split the screen and place it on the headset to experience immersion.

Local 360° Tour

Up to 5 360° Panoramas
Up to 5 Multi Media Points
Up to 2 Contact link icons


Per month plus €195 set-up fee
Cancel any time 

Pay annually €219.50 and
get 2 months free!

All packages come with these amazing features:

Hosting and unlimited traffic on fast servers with 99,9% availability.
Flying in as little planet (optional at no cost, can be disabled if not wanted).
Auto rotate after 5 seconds (optional at no cost, can be disabled if not wanted).
Your tour will have no "support us" icon. We use them only with our own tours or on the free tours.
Google Analytics integration (all we need is the UID code or your Google Tag) to connect your tour.


You only pay if you are 100% satisfied

You only start paying after we finished all the work and only after we have proven the highest possible quality to you. We have no long contracts. That's what we call "Premium Quality" and think that this is truly: the best offer!

Start today and contact us now.

Answers to the most asked questions:

What is considered a "Panorama"?

We refer to a panoramic view as a 360-degree capture that enables the viewer to have a comprehensive look around. This is achieved through a specialized camera, coupled with appropriate software that renders the image interactive. Consequently, we can integrate additional information points into the captured 360-degree image, bringing them to life with documents, videos, or links to external websites, enhancing the overall experience.

Why do I have to pay a monthly fee?

We don't charge a one-time fee for capturing and initial processing. Additionally, our monthly fee covers ongoing costs. Hosting the images on our servers, similar to a small website, requires maintenance and protection against external attacks, which demands our attention. Moreover, we use software to present these interactive tours or images, necessitating a licensing fee. All these factors contribute to the monthly fee.

Who owns the rights to the images?

The rights to the images belong to us. You can use the tour within the scope of this offer and access it through the link, embed code, or QR code that we provide to you. If you terminate the contract or cease the annual payment, you no longer have the right to use it, and we will pause and ultimately delete the tour.

Can I have the multimedia info points changed?

Certainly! You can modify the multimedia info points whenever needed. Enjoy two free updates per month. Any additional alterations will incur a charge of €25 each. Just let us know where you want the point directed (e.g., online store, PDF document, image, etc.), and provide the media. Simply email us the new content with all needed information and we'll seamlessly integrate it into the tour.

Much much are extra panoramas or info points?

You can purchase extra panorama pictures for a one-time fee of €45 each. However, if you book five, the total cost is only €195. Similarly, info points are available at €25 each, but if you book five or ten at once, the one-time fees are reduced to €95 or €145, respectively.

Can the tour be published on Google Maps?

Yes, we can additionally publish the tour on Google Maps. This is done through the public access of our profile. However, it's important to note that publishing on Google Maps does not offer all the services we provide here, as Google, for example, does not allow media points, logos, and links. Furthermore, the upload to Google is only an add-on and cannot be booked separately. Also, if you terminate the contract or stop the annual payment, we will delete the tour on Google as well, as the rights to the tour belong to us. The costs for an upload are tiered and are as follows: €225 one-time for the first 15 panoramas, plus €29 per panorama for each additional panorama.

Do you offer the service outside of Killarney?

No. The project is a local initiative only.

Can I also get a tour without any connection to

Yes. We also create custom tours with your own logo, a link to your homepage, and without integration into our local project. However, our prices are calculated with the mutual marketing value in mind. So, if you desire a tour completely independent of this project, you can find the individual prices here.

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Price Sheet
Local Virtual Tours

One time set-up fee: €495.00
Base cost for travelling to your destination, view the property, set-up the property and taking the first ten 360° pictures. First year of hosting is included.

Hosting and license: €95 per year
Hosting your tour on our servers for up to 50 panorama pictures including the hosting, service and software license needed to run the tour. Starting with the second year.

Additional 360° Images: €45 per image / €195 per 5 images
We offer to add single panoramas to your tour for €45 each or packages of 5 panorama images for €195. If you book 20 images, we give you another 5 images on top for free as a discount.

Multi media info points: €25 each, €95 for five or €145 for ten
Creating the multi media info point including a link to data, videos or a web page will be a one time fee of €25 each, €95 for a pack of 5 or €145 if you book ten info points. First two media points are always included.

Google Street View: €225 for up to 15 spots
We add your tour with up to 15 panorama images to Google Maps. We connect the images to a tour and link the tour to your listing on Google Maps via our profile. Additional images to upload and connect will be charged with €29 per image (one-time). This includes the commercial rights to use on Google Street View. Note: Not all features offered by us are possible on Google Street View. Please ask us about the advantages of your own tour. Having us to produce the tour first is needed to use the upgrade to Google Street View. Therefore it will be €395 plus €225.

Custom Domain: €150 one time
We offer the option to host your tour on your own domain or subdomain. Please note that we only provide the credentials for setup; you'll need to handle the setup on your server side yourself. If we register a domain on your behalf with our hosting company, we can manage it for you at no additional cost, apart from the $150 fee.

Prices shown are for information purposes only and may vary from time to time without prior notice. Please contact us for the most current rate. These prices are current as of Febr. 2024.



We proudly offer an unparalleled 100% satisfaction guarantee, and to ensure your peace of mind, we kindly request that you refrain from making any upfront payments. Our process involves collaborating with a local freelancer to capture comprehensive 360° images of your facility, which are then seamlessly integrated into our website at

Once this process is complete, we invite you to review the tour. If you find yourself completely satisfied with our services, you are welcome to proceed by clicking the "BUY NOW" button and making the payment. Furthermore, we extend the flexibility of canceling your service even up to 30 days after payment. However, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us before making any decisions, allowing us to deliver our exceptional service before you settle the bill. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Thank you.


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